Historical: Reunification War

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In 2570, the six Great Houses of the Inner Sphere united to create the Star League, promising to bring an end to the generations of warfare that engulfed the worlds mankind now called home. Shortly thereafter, to seal their alliance, they turned against the various independent realms of the Periphery. Over the next twenty years, the so-called Reunification War would rage, claiming more lives than the savagery of the Age of War before it, all to realize House Cameron’s dream of a united humanity—at any cost.


Historical: Reunification War describes the first grand military campaign of the newborn Star League against the collected realms of the Periphery. Covering each of the four major campaign theaters in detail, this book provides a hard look at the formative years of the first Star League, and the fateful decisions that led them to usher in a new Golden Age for mankind by unleashing their armies against its most far-flung worlds.

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Name Tons BV PV TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Alfar AL-A1 55 1,447 HistRW None Standard 2573
Alfar AL-D1 "Dokkalfar" 55 HistRW None Standard 2573
Name Tons BV PV TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Hipparch Cavalry Tank (Standard) 30 382 HistRW None Introductory 2562
Tiger Medium Tank T-12 55 574 HistRW None Introductory 2478
Gallant Urban Assault Tank (Fusion) 70 HistRW None Standard 2576
Gallant Urban Assault Tank (Original) 70 HistRW None Introductory 2550
Gallant Urban Assault Tank (Standard) 70 1,056 HistRW None Standard 2574
Name Tons BV PV TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Dragonfly MM-1 40 889 HistRW None Introductory 2574
Dragonfly MM-2 40 HistRW None Standard 2583
Drost Light Bulk Transport IIa 5,300 2,429 HistRW None Introductory 2442
Jumbo (Standard) 14,800 1,857 HistRW None Introductory 2423
Name Tons BV PV TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Wayland Mobile Base (Standard) 150 953 HistRW None Standard 2541
Name Tons BV PV TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Concordat Frigate (2506) 440,000 80,754 HistRW None Advanced 2506
New Syrtis Carrier (2557) 920,000 84,483 HistRW None Advanced 2557
Dreadnought Battleship (2330) 960,000 104,949 HistRW None Advanced 2300