Jihad: Final Reckoning

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Terra is secure. The Protectorate is free. The Manei Domini are scattered. The Master has fled to his final refuge. As the last embers of the Word of Blake are finally extinguished across the Inner Sphere, a new nation is born--and a new era is dawning. Forged in the fires of the greatest war fought since the coming of the Clans, the Republic of the Sphere promises peace and stability few could have imagined since the start of the Jihad in 3067.

Jihad: Final Reckoning completes the Jihad plot book series started with Blake Ascending, wrapping up the final years of the war between the Word of Blake and the Inner Sphere, and establishing the birth of the Republic of the Sphere. With articles covering the final fateful years of the war, this book includes articles and intelligence reports from across the Inner Sphere, along with additional rules and campaign tracks for BattleTech campaigns played using the Total Warfare and A Time of War game rules. This book also provides a snapshot of the postwar universe, laying the groundwork for future campaigns. Also included is a glimpse at the more fantastic weapons and assets the Word of Blake was developing before its final fall--complete with rules for top-secret units, including the Caspar III system and Spectral LAMs.

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Name Tons BV PV Role TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Pwwka S-PW-1LAM 30 1,638 31 Striker JFR JFR Experimental 3078
Revenant UBM-1A 30 784 31 Striker JFR JFR Experimental 3075
Yurei S-YR-1LAM 40 2,106 34 Skirmisher JFR JFR Experimental 3077
Gestalt D2X-G 45 2,392 37 Striker JFR JFR Experimental 3078
Waneta S-WN-1LAM 55 None JFR None Experimental 3078
Waneta S-WN-2LAM 55 2,713 39 Skirmisher JFR JFR Experimental 3078
Omega SHP-X4 150 3,001 61 Sniper JFR JFR Experimental 3076
Name Tons BV PV Role TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Machina Domini Interface Armor (Sqd4) 0.4 90 None JFR JFR Experimental 3078