Historical Turning Points: Luzerne

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Never really considered a major blip in the newly-created Second Star Leagues’ plan, Luzerne—through simple chance—became listed in the history books as one of the longest and desperate campaigns during Operation BULLDOG. The former Combine system became the defining moment for Clan Smoke Jaguar on the eve of their demise. Battered and beaten, the Clan fought tooth and nail to hold on to Luzerne even as the remains of their Occupation Zone fell in tatters.

Historical Turning Points: Luzerne looks at the pivotal battle that defined the Second Star League’s Operation BULLDOG and spelled the end of the most vicious Clans occupying the Inner Sphere. Return to BattleTech’s recent past, when the Inner Sphere’s newly-united realms embarked on their own crusade to rid themselves of Clan Smoke Jaguar.

Name Tons BV PV TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Cauldron-Born (Ebon Jaguar) (Samantha) 65 2,372 TR3058U HTPLuzerne Standard 3059
Grasshopper (Reynolds) 70 2,344 HTPLuzerne HTPLuzerne Experimental 3059