Historical: Liberation of Terra I

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The Beginning of the End
In 2766, decades of careful planning and manipulation finally culminated when Stefan Amaris wiped out the entire Cameron dynasty in a bloody coup. Rallying the might of the SLDF behind him, General Aleksandr Kerensky immediately attacked Amaris’ Rim Worlds Republic, before turning his full fury against the Usurper’s “Empire,” launching one of the greatest military campaigns in Inner Sphere history.
Historical: Liberation of Terra, Volume 1 describes the early years of the civil war that would ultimately bring about the final end of the first Star League. Covering the fighting from the coup itself to the bloody campaign for the Terran Hegemony, this book provides a hard look at the closing years of the Star League Era, and the fateful decisions that would eventually pave the way for centuries of Succession Wars to come.

Name Tons BV PV TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Voidseeker Mk 39-004 Interceptor 60 1,421 H:LoT1 H:LoT1 Standard 2763
Voidseeker Mk 39-007 Striker 75 1,814 H:LoT1 H:LoT1 Standard 2763
M-3 Drone Standard 4,000 16,459 H:LoT1 H:LoT1 Standard 2698
Model 96C “Howdah” SDS Command Ship 15,000 10,750 H:LoT1 H:LoT1 Standard 2695
Name Tons BV PV TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
M5 Capital Drone “Caspar” 680,000 95,051 H:LoT1 H:LoT1 Standard 2710
M5C Capital Drone "Caspar" 680,000 100,128 H:LoT1 H:LoT1 Standard
M-9 SDS Battle Station “Pavise” 1,500,000 288,172 H:LoT1 H:LoT1 Standard 2720