Experimental Technical Readout: Kurita

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Kuritan Finesse


Battered by the Jihad, but never broken, House Kurita’s Draconis Combine is crawling from the ashes of devastation. The Black Pearl lies in ruins, taking with it many of the Draconis Combine’s greatest innovations. But as the Dragon fights on, research and development teams across the realm have scrambled to recover the technological edge that helped House Kurita keep the Clans at bay for so long. In factories and test sites deep within their borders, they have developed powerful new secret weapons in the war against the Word of Blake—or anyone else who would bring the Combine low.

Experimental Technical Readout: Kurita samples the custom and prototype designs that have begun to turn up in testing labs and top-secret proving grounds of the Draconis Combine. Each design featured in this book incorporates some of the latest technologies developed by the realms of the Inner Sphere as the war against the Word of Blake continues. These technologies—first described in Tactical Operations—have yet to achieve widespread production, but each has been prototyped and rushed to the field for their desperate consumers. Statistics and Record Sheets are included for 13 new experimental BattleMechs, vehicles, aerospace units, and battle armor designs presented in this book, ready for play in advanced BattleTech games.

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Name Tons BV PV TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Jenner JR10-X 35 1,269 XTRKurita XTRKurita Experimental 3072
Wolf Trap (Tora) WFT-2X "Bear Trap" 45 1,211 XTRKurita XTRKurita Experimental 3075
No-Dachi NDA-3X 70 2,609 XTRKurita XTRKurita Experimental 3075
Hatamoto-Kaeru HTM-35X 80 1,906 XTRKurita XTRKurita Experimental 3075
Banzai BNZ-X 90 2,647 XTRKurita XTRKurita Experimental 3076
Name Tons BV PV TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank X 35 1,119 XTRKurita XTRKurita Experimental 3073
Hiryo Armored Infantry Transport "Hound" 40 628 XTRKurita XTRKurita Experimental 3077
Tokugawa Heavy Tank Yumi 60 1,127 XTRKurita XTRKurita Experimental 3067
Name Tons BV PV TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Oni ON-2X 55 1,733 XTRKurita XTRKurita Experimental 3077
Shilone SL-17X 65 1,933 XTRKurita XTRKurita Experimental 3075
Nekohono'o (HQ) 16,000 37,581 XTRKurita XTRKurita Experimental 3077
Name Tons BV PV TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Kage Light Battle Armor C 1 133 XTRKurita XTRKurita Experimental 3077
Void Medium Battle Armor Caltrop 1 425 XTRKurita XTRKurita Experimental 3078