Shrapnel #10

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Shrapnel: The Official BattleTech Magazine hits harder than ever before, launching a double-size issue filled with more BattleMechs and star-spanning conflicts from the 31st century and beyond! Venture into the Reunification War as the Taurian Concordat fights for freedom against the relentless Star League. Wander through libraries filled with forbidden knowledge lost through centuries of constant warfare. Witness the aftermath of House Arano’s bitter civil war, and face down the infamous, unbeatable, all-black Marauder—if you dare…

In this issue, you’ll hunt for a missing DropShip in the distant Periphery, and fight for survival during the most pivotal battle in the Clan Invasion. You’ll brave the chaotic nuclear fires of the Word of Blake’s Jihad and claw your way through Draconis Combine troops threatening your family, determined to survive at any cost.

Fill your double-capacity magazine with a complete novella, technical readouts, a planet and unit digest, playable scenarios, a Clan Invasion campaign, a treatise on troublesome native wildlife, some tips for downtrodden Taurian citizens, and more—all by BattleTech veterans and the next squad of new recruits:

Tom Leveen | Jason Hansa | Lance Scarinci | Jennifer Bixby | Giles Gammage | Geoff Swift | Julian Michael Carver | Matthew Cross | Donavan Dufault | Daniel Isberner | James Lee | Harvey Roberts | Steve P. Vincent | Alayna M. Weathers | James Bixby | Étienne Charron-Willard | Alex Fauth | Joshua Franklin | Ken' Horner | Wunji Lau | Eric Salzman | Jason Schmetzer | Tom Stanley | Joel Steverson | Stephen Toropov

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Name Tons BV PV Role TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Tiburon 2 35 1,691 55 Striker Shrap10 ShrapRS Standard 3113
Toro TR-B-12 35 1,029 29 Skirmisher Shrap10 ShrapRS Standard 3146
Toro TR-B-9 35 915 28 Brawler Shrap10 ShrapRS Standard 3108
Hel HL-1 50 1,674 35 Skirmisher Shrap10 RG18 Standard 3092
Hel HL-2 50 1,549 33 Skirmisher Shrap10 ShrapRS Standard 3092